Why publish Wanted Brides Ads in the Newspaper ?

Matrimonial advertisements are published in the newspaper with the purpose of finding an eligible groom/ bride for the prospective suitor. The matrimonial section is one of the most popular categories which is advertised in newspapers and the only reason to advertise such ads is to procure genuine responses from brides and grooms. Matrimony ads are divided into two subgroups or sections namely Brides Wanted and Grooms Wanted. When prospective grooms look for their suitable brides, they place matrimonial advertisements under Wanted Brides section. This is further categorized into subgroups based on caste preferences, language preferences, nationality preferences, profession, and other characteristics. These specifications help to receive the most relevant and apt responses by the advertisers. For most of the newspapers, the release date for matrimonial ad is Sunday. A special feature is published in the classified section for matrimonial advertisement in most of the newspapers due to innumerable bookings.

What documents are needed ?

There is no specific document required for placing advertisements under Wanted Bride section.

What is a recommended Ad format to follow ?

Sample ads under Wanted Bride section are as follows:
1. Looking for an alliance for our son, aged (30) years, residing at (Location), height (6'1"), (B.Com) graduate, (Religion), (Caste). The bride should hail from a decent, educated family. (Same caste/ caste no bar). Should be around (24) years. Contact with (Astrological) details 0000000000 or Email to mail@mail.com
2. Alliance required for Christian divorcee 46 without encumbrance. Email - mail@mail.com

Any Ad composing tips ?

1. Check the contact details in the ad text to get a response.
2. Provide preferred timing for communication (if any)
3. Ensure to mention the date of birth, time, place of birth, Manglik/ Non-Manglik and other astrological details for Kundli/ zodiac matching.
4. Mention age and height so that responses are received from relevant age bracket and physical specifications.
5. Share special preferences like divorcee, non-divorcee, separated, NRI, physical disabilities, medical conditions (if any)
6. Mention Religion, Caste, Community or No Caste Bar to ensure the right response from the required social background.
7. Mention Educational/ Professional qualification looking for, to get a suitable qualified match.
8. Enumerate the profession, occupation, salary, and place of residence to get appropriate responses from the desired lifestyle background.
9. There are certain abbreviations mainly for matrimonial ads which helps in reducing the number of characters while composing the ad matter likewise SM4 stands for Suitable Match, PQM stands for Professionally Qualified Match, NM stands for Non-Manglik, LPA stands for Lakh Per Annum, BHP stands for Bio Horoscope Picture, Wrkg stands for Working, Mglk stands for Manglik, B'ful stands for Beautiful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Dainik Bhaskar matrimonial ads is easy with releaseMyAd. You will have to log in to our website devoted to ad bookings in Dainik Bhaskar and follow the steps given below:

1.    Choose MATRIMONIAL as your category.

2.   Choose your city and see the rates here. You will also find our Discount Packages here.

3.   Click on the BOOK NOW tab to begin the booking process.

4.   Compose the ad at this stage.

5.    Select Dates & Make Payments.

releaseMyAd provides you the easiest and shortest route to Dainik Bhaskar matrimonial ad booking.

For further details on booking to Dainik Bhaskar matrimonial ads, contact us at 09830629298 or drop us a mail at book@releasemyad.com.

Dainik Bhaskar is Bhopal’s leading newspaper in both popularity and circulation. You can book your matrimonial ad on Dainik Bhaskar over the internet in a few simple steps thanks to Bhopal’s top newspaper ad agency, releaseMyAd. Through releaseMyAd, you get access to the best deals, the lowest advertising rates, as well as certain great services such as media buying, media planning and creative production. To book your ads, follow these steps:

·         Visit releaseMyAd@Bhopal’s dedicated newspaper ad booking page

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·         Select the newspaper of your choice from a list of all the available options - Dainik Bhaskar

·         Compose your ad. You can refer to our online sample ad gallery to get an idea on how to compose ideally.

·         Select the date when you would like us to publish your ad.

·         Clear payment via a host of online and offline methods.

You can address your queries to book+bhopal@releasemyad.com or call us on 09830629298.

Please know that if you are unable to find your preferred classification for Chaurasia, please select the ‘Others’ as your sub-caste from the drop down menu. You can later specify your caste-name as Chaurasia in the Special Release Instruction box displayed in the Select Dates and Payment section. To find your rates, please visit the Matri Ad Rates page of Nai Duniya. Here you will find your preferred chosen package displayed under the discount packages section.  

Click on the Book Now option next to it and this will take you to the Compose ad page where you will need to create and compose your ad online or upload the same if already composed. Once composing the ad is done, you must confirm the ad release dates followed by clearing all your payment via suitable online and offline payment options. The various payment options include:

Online Methods:

·         Credit/Debit Cards

·         Net Banking

·         NEFT (Online Wire Transfer)

Offline Methods:

·         Cash Deposit

·         Cash Transfer

·         Cash Collection

·         Demand Draft

Please know that the packages that are displayed on our website are provided directly from the Publication house itself and we are not authorised to customise any of them as per your requirement.

To check if your requested package is available, please visit the Dainik Bhasker Matri Ad Rates. Click on your preferred choice of ad type to review the corresponding ad rates and packages for the same. This will display the charges that would cost you for booking your ad under individual locations and discount packages for booking your ad in multiple locations.

If you find any package for all over Madhya Pradesh, click on the Book Now option and proceed with your booking. To complete the booking process, you just need to compose your ad online in the compose ad step. If your ad has been compiled and designed, upload it directly on our website through the Compose ad. Once you’re done composing and uploading your ad, select the relevant release dates for your ad and clear all your payment through the offline and online payment mediums.

You can review the rates and packages for your matrimonial ad on the Dainik Bhaskar. Here, you can choose the preferred edition as Jaipur or choose a package that consists of all the editions of Rajasthan. But please know that an all Rajasthan package is not available under Dainik Bhaskar.

Alternatively, you can also try the Matrimonial Ad Rates section of Rajasthan Patrika, if you intend to reach out to suitors from Rajasthan alone. You can compose your ad, add enhancements and preview it with our Live Ad Preview Feature. At the end, you can specify the ad release dates and confirm the booking by clearing the payment for the same through our online or offline payment mediums.

After the confirmation of your ad booking, your ad will be released in the locations you have opted for on the date selected on the calendar in the dates and payment section. In order to get your ad released on time, you need to book it at least 2-3 days in advance.

Please visit the Dainik Bhaskar Matrimonial Ad Rates page. Here you can check the rates for individual editions of the newspaper as well as multiple editions which come under the discount packages.  Click the Book Now option adjacent to the displayed rates for individual locations and the discount packages. The next step is to design and compose the ad, specify the sub-category, Classification and Sub-Classification of your ad.

You can also visit the Sample Ads Page for Matrimony Ads if you need help with the content and the style of matrimony ads that are published. The last and final steps are to select the dates and make the payment. You can make your payment by online and offline options like Credit/Debit Cards, Net Banking, Wire Transfer or by deposing Cash/Cheque/Demand Drafts in any nearest ICICI Bank Branch. 

To book matrimonial ads in Dainik Bhaskar, please visit our ad rates page on Dainik Bhaskar Matrimonial Ad Rates. Here you can select your ad type and choose the editions from the available ad rates. You can also check out our discount packages instead of booking individual editions.

Once you find it convenient to proceed with the ad rates that are available for you to book your ad, you can proceed to compose your ad. You can add highlights such as tick, background colour from the Ad Enhancement Sections.

After composing your ad, click on the Select Dates & Make Payment Button. Then select the dates of publishing the ad. Select the Make Payment option to complete the Payment proceedings. You can make your payment online. In case you’re not comfortable with the online payment options, you can always make your payment by offline methods. Once your payment is cleared, your ad is ready to be published.

To view the ad rates for Matrimonial ads in Dainik Bhaskar you must visit the Matri Ad Rates page of Dainik Bhaskar. Here the rates are provided according to different editions along with combo packages. You can choose individual editions or combined packages to proceed with the composition of your advertisement.  The rates provided here are applicable for one day, Sunday in this case.

After composing the ad, when you are required to choose the release dates, you must choose the number of days before selecting the release dates. Select the number of release dates as 3 and then choose 3 consecutive Sundays from the calendar and then complete the booking by clearing the payment for the same.

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