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Display AD RATES

Edition Circulation Display Ad
Ajmer62 K( Copies)Rs. 851 / sqcm
Ambala41 K( Copies)Rs. 610 / sqcm
Amritsar92 K( Copies)Rs. 685 / sqcm
Banswara35 K( Copies)Rs. 972 / sqcm
Barmer36 K( Copies)Rs. 741 / sqcm
Baroda27 K( Copies)Rs. 741 / sqcm
Bathinda29 K( Copies)Rs. 440 / sqcm
Bhagalpur19 K( Copies)Rs. 625 / sqcm
Bharatpur17 K( Copies)Rs. 453 / sqcm
Bhilai55 K( Copies)Rs. 453 / sqcm
Bhilwara25 K ( Copies)Rs. 1035 / sqcm
Bhopal3 L( Copies)Rs. 1833 / sqcm
Bihar2 K( Copies)Rs. 3100 / sqcm
Bikaner39 K( Copies)Rs. 1150 / sqcm
Bilaspur67 K( Copies)Rs. 959 / sqcm
Chandigarh2 L( Copies)Rs. 1325 / sqcm
Chhindwara13 K( Copies)Rs. 500 / sqcm
Delhi38 K ( Copies)Rs. 520 / sqcm
Dhanbad96 K( Copies)Rs. 625 / sqcm
Faridabad43 K( Copies)Rs. 520 / sqcm
Gwalior1 L( Copies)Rs. 908 / sqcm
Haryana3 L( Copies)Rs. 2300 / sqcm
Himachal36 K ( Copies)Rs. 380 / sqcm
Hisar94 K( Copies)Rs. 660 / sqcm
Hoshangabad60 K( Copies)Rs. 660 / sqcm
Indore3 L( Copies)Rs. 2480 / sqcm
Jabalpur1 L( Copies)Rs. 1075 / sqcm
Jaipur5 L( Copies)Rs. 4921 / sqcm
Jalandhar60 K( Copies)Rs. 706 / sqcm
Jalandhar1 L( Copies)Rs. 706 / sqcm
Jammu20 K( Copies)Rs. 380 / sqcm
Jamshedpur1 L( Copies)Rs. 625 / sqcm
Jharkhand2 L( Copies)Rs. 1900 / sqcm
Jodhpur1 L( Copies)Rs. 1335 / sqcm
Khandwa71 K( Copies)Rs. 2480 / sqcm
Kota1 L( Copies)Rs. 1070 / sqcm
Ludhiana47 K( Copies)Rs. 1070 / sqcm
Ludhiana47 K( Copies)Rs. 754 / sqcm
Muzaffarpur20 K( Copies)Rs. 700 / sqcm
Nagpur93 K( Copies)Rs. 850 / sqcm
Pali57 K( Copies)Rs. 1219 / sqcm
Panipat2 L( Copies)Rs. 680 / sqcm
Patna22 K( Copies)Rs. 2000 / sqcm
Punjab1.8 L( Copies)Rs. 1800 / sqcm
Raipur2 L( Copies)Rs. 1999 / sqcm
Ranchi2 L( Copies)Rs. 950 / sqcm
Ratlam37 K( Copies)Rs. 2480 / sqcm
Rewari26 K( Copies)Rs. 400 / sqcm
Rohtak40 K( Copies)Rs. 450 / sqcm
Sagar54 K( Copies)Rs. 1833 / sqcm
Satna34 K ( Copies)Rs. 700 / sqcm
Singrauli 12.5 K( Copies)Rs. 300 / sqcm
Sriganganagar62 K( Copies)Rs. 1588 / sqcm
SuratRs. 125 / sqcm
Udaipur1 L( Copies)Rs. 2400 / sqcm
Ujjain57 K( Copies)Rs. 2480 / sqcm


Frequently Asked Questions

Business advertisements in Dainik Bhaskar main edition can be booked through the internet at no extra cost. Since we are choosing Main edition it will cover all major editions including Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. You can check the cost of booking your 8x5 sq cm display ad in Dainik Bhaskar once you start the process on our website. The ad booking tutorial can further help you understand the procedure.
In order to place a display ad in Dainik Bhaskar front page you have to select the ad type as Classified Display ad. Then visit the Dainik Bhaskar Main page.  Here select your preferred ad size i.e. Quarter Page and you will get the exact price for your advert in the locations specified by you. You can design your ad content or simply upload your own design in our Compose Ad Page and get it ready to be published after you confirm the release date of your ad. Please remember that you book and confirm the release date of your ad at least 2 to 3 days in advance so that your ad gets published on the desired time. You can avail our payment options through our online and offline methods.  
Display ads are charged on the basis of their sizes, which is measured in per square cm. For booking your display ad in Dainik Bhaskar please visit the following link: http://dainikbhaskar.releasemyad.com/display-ad.php  
In order to advertise your charity event in Dainik Bhaskar, please review the ad rates and packages for the same on the link provided here: http://dainikbhaskar.releasemyad.com/display-ad.php. Choose the main newspaper and proceed to the page where you are required to specify the ad size or simply choose the 'Half Size Ad' option to get the closest estimate for your ad cost. Also you can choose your preferred location as Delhi or package whichever is suitable for you. After the selection of the package or the edition, you can compose your ad or upload it in JPEG/PDF/EPS/TIFF format. Please know that the charges vary based on your page preference. At the end please mention the release dates and clear the payments through our online or offline payment options.
Please know that as per your request your ad type is Display which is charged on the basis of per sq.cm of space taken up by the advert  on the particular newspaper page. To  know the rates & offers for Business promotional adverts in Dainik Bhaskar across Chhattisgarh,please visit the following page: http://dainikbhaskar.releasemyad.com/display-ad.php and specify the size of the advertisement as well as the location as Raipur. You may also mention multiple locations & opt for combo packages that suit you the most. You can compose your ad with the help of our online coloured design templates or you may also upload your own advert designed by yourslef or expert advertisers. At the end while checking out, please mention the release dates and clear the ad payment through Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking, Demand Drafts, Cheques, Cash Collection, Cash Transfer etc.
To know the rates of Display ads, you must specify the size of the advertisement, while the minimum ad size for any display ad for Dainik Bhaskar is 4 cm X 4cm.  To book a public notice ad in Dainik Bhaskar, please visit the following link: http://dainikbhaskar.releasemyad.com/display-ad.php and review the ad rates and circulation details for the Kota edition of your preferred newspaper. You may choose a suitable package as well and proceed to the Compose Ad page to create & modify the advertisement with the help of the available templates. You can select a coloured or black and white format for your ad. After the ad is composed, simply choose the ad release dates & clear the payments through our varied online or offline payment gateways as per your convenience.

Booking Process

How are Dainik Bhaskar Display ads priced?

Dainik Bhaskar, owned by the largest print media company D.B. Corp. Ltd, has established itself to be the second-most widely read newspaper of India. It has a circulation of approximately 4,146,737, in 14 states. This makes it an ideal choice for advertisers to publish display ads.

  1. Display ads are usually the most expensive and elaborate, and they involve a great amount of creativity.
  2. Dainik Bhaskar display ad cost is calculated on the basis of per sq. cm. covered.
  3. Other factors like page type, size, and position also determine the ad rate. For example, a full page ad is likely to cost more than a quarter page ad; similarly the front page ad is priced higher than the middle page ad.
  4. The cost also varies depending on whether the ad is coloured/black and white.

releaseMyAd provides additional negotiation option on booking display ads in Dainik Bhaskar to give you the best possible price.

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